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10 Best 17 Inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500 – 2020;s Top Gamers Choice

Technology has paved the way for broader opportunities and a broader perspective of online marketing. With the onset of different online games, various gadgets and devices keep on improving.

Gaming laptops are no exception. Manufacturers do not fail to upgrade the specs that will provide the better experience for every gamer. Now, if you are looking for the best 17 Inch gaming laptops under $1500, then you are in the realms of the high-performing machines.

Most of the "Best 17-inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500" can take on even the most recent games, though usually not at the ultra performance settings. This does not mean you cannot enjoy decent gaming. But if you want more, then be prepared to shell out more cash.

Unlike desktop PCs, laptops have less space for better memory and other improvements, and heating is also a problem. You can take it anywhere, but if you want to play for extended periods of time, then plugging them it is necessary.

That is not a problem for most gamers who value mobility over performance. But what do you need to look for in a gaming laptop?

Let’s look into this first, before looking at the list of the Best 17-inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500 you must also check out our guide about gaming laptops under 800$.

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3 of The Best 17-inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500 (2018) - A Comparison Table

We Have Reviewed 10 17 Inch Gaming Laptops but we only highlight 3 Best that fits the budget and performance
ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice Checker
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1. Acer Helios 300

Take control, overclock1 and customize your gaming experience from one place with PredatorSense™. View Product
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2. OMEN HP 17-inch Gaming Laptop

High-performance cooling in your arsenal for even the most intensive AAA titles View Product
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3. ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition

A hallmark of the Strix Scar Edition Series is its high refresh rate displays (including both 120Hz and 144Hz variants). View Product

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next 17-Inch Gaming Laptop Thats Only Under 1500$

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages. Some also have flaws or factory defects.

Thus, you also have to ensure the quality and performance of the product aside from the price.

Consider doing some research about the specs of the laptop before deciding which product to purchase. Check these specs as a starter:

Graphics Card

Graphics Card For a 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

Gamers know this is where they need to put their money into. You need to check the performance of the graphics card, and if they can handle the types of games, you want to play.

The Graphics Card is usually a requirement in many games.

Long and confusing names do not mean better performance, and you would have to check for this yourself.

People who are authorized to sell these components could easily guide you in this.

Graphics cards tend to be more expensive as their performance improves. Low-end range components can cost $50 for the next level.

But if you are already in mid- and high-range laptops, then $200 can be considered cheap for an upgrade.


The processor or the CPU top pick remains to be Intel.

 Even their latest i3 motherboards outperform other competitors, and their current flagship i7 can handle any PC, given that it has the other required components. 

It is not necessary to get i7 though, as even the i5 series is capable of handling anything.

laptop RAm


An 8GB RAM can handle heavy task performance load, but if you are looking to use the best settings or you want your laptop to be able to handle even future games, then 12GB or 16GB RAM might be necessary.

Related Buying Guide For Gaming Ram:5 of the Best RAM Speed for Gaming


The drive is the internal memory of the laptop.

There are currently two types of available memory, namely, the HDD and SSD. HDD is cheaper, but SSD allows for a better experience. SSD is much more durable as well.

Laptops don’t usually have enough space for both types, so an upgrade might be necessary if you want a speed boost by replacing HDD with SSD.

Screen Size

A Big 17 Inch Gaming laptop under $1500 is Important

Screen size is directly proportional to the bulk of the laptop. This makes it harder to move around, but the larger screen size is better for gaming.

A laptop with 1080p resolution is already good as it is most efficient regarding bulk and power usage, but it might not be enough for most gamers.

Screens with 4k resolution are not recommended as they overeat power and slow down most. 

The reason for the slowdown is that the most recent laptop hardware is still hard-pressed to cover 4k content, so it’s going to disappoint you if you want to get a 4k.


Batteries don’t last much for the best gaming laptops under $1500 this 2018. The hardware overeats power when utilized using massive task.

So, a rechargeable power pack might be necessary for people who want to play and can’t plug their laptops into a wall socket.

Some laptops have efficient cooling systems, but even the more expensive ones can still be uncomfortably hot. There are a lot of external coolers that you can buy for $20, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Many gamers also consider gaming mouse to be essential for their experience. If you are one of them, then you might have to buy this separately.

To wrap things up, spending in graphics card and RAM is most important, though other components need to also be capable.

An i5 chipset can handle most of the AAA titles with ease, and as the video settings are dependent on RAM and GPU.

Spending big bucks on an i7 might not be a very good idea.

laptop battery

20 Facts and Tips in Buying The Best 17 inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500

Gaming laptops are considered hardcore machines with powerful components compared to that of traditional mainstream laptops and notebooks.

Aside from the more technical specifications and features, these are also significantly different regarding build and design.

They offer multicolor keyboards and offer a chassis that features somewhat aggressive lines. Like your typical notebooks, this device is also provided in various price ranges depending on the system specs, model, and brand.

There are plenty of available choices in the market if you are looking for this kind of laptop at different designs, specs, and price. There are some of the industry’s best and latest models built with the best hardware in the market, but there are also budget options for those who don't want to spend too much money while not skimping on quality.

Since gaming laptops are designed for hardcore use compared to that of typical mainstream laptops, you should be able to find one that can offer better usability and capacity than most traditional notebooks.

To help you find a laptop for your gaming rig, here are some tips and additional tricks on how to spot the right laptop that can last the long run.

If you want to play the favourite action games on a computer, you need a laptop that is specially made to handle the requirements.

Most games have a guide printed on the label that outlines the speed, graphics and power specifications that are needed to run it effectively. An average laptop is not built to accommodate some of the more intense games.

With this in mind, here are 20 facts for buying your next gaming laptop, that will help you to choose one that will run your games properly.

1. What is the difference between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop

Intense gameplay can cause a computer to work harder, leading to overheating in the system.

The average laptop is not made with a cooling system that is adequate to handle the excessive heat that is generated.

These laptops are designed with stronger fans, additional vents and a cooling system that will prevent your system from becoming so hot that the drive and other components become damaged. Another difference is the keyboard and lighting system.

 These laptops feature keyboards with keys that go further into the board to give the user better feedback during gameplay, along with keyboard lighting.

They also come with larger batteries to power the GPU. This makes them weigh more than non-gaming systems. The graphics on this laptops are usually two-fold with integrated and a video card designed for 3D animation with high definition display resolution. 

The CPU is more powerful and is dedicated to gaming activities, and the RAM is higher for more top speed. These laptops are more expensive because of their robust and robust build.

Two young gamers sitting together on sofa and using their laptop
man playing with a gaming laptop

2. Should You Buy The Best 17 inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500?

Buying a laptop is investing if you're an avid gamer, or if you are interested in playing the more advanced games.

If you've been disappointed with the game performance on your typical laptop and wish that you could enjoy the full benefits of intense graphics, greater speed when playing and fewer lags or stops in play, then you may want to consider buying a laptop that comes with all the requirements necessary to play the games you enjoy.

Owning a laptop gives you the advantage of being able to successfully run games while still having a computer that will do word processing, internet browsing, and other activities.

Don't forget to check if the laptop has a right wifi network adapter or excellent wifi connectivity available!

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3. What is the best 17 Inch gaming notebook under $1500?

These laptops come in a range of sizes, weights, and designs. First, consider your comfort. Do you prefer a smaller more lightweight laptop or would you rather have a larger unit with a big screen that will weigh more?

 If you plan to carry it with you frequently, size and weight may become an issue, and you can find them between 4 to 20 pounds.

There is usually a trade-off when you go for a lightweight and compact size. These units have smaller screens, and they may not come with as many high-end features as the larger models. If you prefer touch screens, be aware that they drain the battery faster and are not highly recommended by game enthusiasts.

You should try the keyboard before you buy. Make sure that it is ergonomic to cut down on wrist and hand strain during intense gameplay. If you're considering an online purchase, read the reviews or find the same model at a local retailer to test the keyboard.

Make sure that the display has a resolution that is greater than 1920 x 1080. The graphics card is also known as the GPU, and the laptop should come with a discrete GPU that has its own memory, known as VRAM or video memory in the amount of no less than 4 GB.

If you plan on playing VR or virtual reality games, make sure that the system is VR ready. Also look for useful software that some manufacturers pre-load into the system.

Some include better packages than others. Finally, look for a good warranty that protects you in case the laptop you buy arrives with defects.

Creating a brand

4. Which Laptop Brand is The Best for a 17 inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500?

Many considerations go into choosing the right laptop, making it a challenge. It's important to make sure that the unit you buy comes to a processor, graphics card and storage drives that are powerful and large enough to meet all your gaming needs.

A Laptop comes down to a matter of preference. The brand that you choose is just as famous as the specifications and other considerations.

We've included an assessment of the nine top rated brands on the market and ranked them according to their excellence or lack of it, in design, review ratings, software, displays, keyboards, warranty and customization and selection options and innovation.

Dell Alienware

This is the top-rated brand for laptops. It has a 9 out of 10 rating for offering a wide assortment of models with innovative features, diverse configuration options, and top-notch displays. The keyboards are the strongest available, and the included utilities enhance gameplay without the need to find and install them on your own.

[amazon bestseller="alienware gaming laptop" items="1" template="table"]

Dell Alienware


MSI brand laptops earned a ranking of 8.5 out of 10. They offer an excellent choice of options with high-end keyboards, powerful specifications and innovation in design and features. The keyboards are fast and snappy for excellent user control and response times. The manufacturer loads useful software to make the laptops ready for use out of the box. They also offer accidental damage protection for free on all their new laptops sold.

[amazon bestseller="MSI gaming laptop" items="1" template="table"]

MSI logo


In third place is the Razer brand with an 8.1 out of 10 rating for innovation in design and beautiful screens. These laptops feature a sleek and attractive design. Inside, it features Synapse software which is a highly ranked utility. Less favorable are the limited selection available and shallow keyboards.

[amazon bestseller="razer gaming laptop" items="1" template="table"]


Asus (Best 17 inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500)

Asus is rated at 7.8 out of 10. The Laptops are powerful, and the company is a leader in using new technologies in the creation of low profile gaming machines. Their screen and keyboard are rated as okay, but there are better ones out there, still, for their affordable price, they are considered to be a good value, particularly for gamers on a budget.

[amazon bestseller="asus gaming laptop" items="1" template="table"]


Acer (2nd best 17 Inch laptop laptops under $1500)

Acers earned a rating of 7.6 out of 10. The brand is innovative with ultra-responsive keyboards and their implementation of a 21-inch curved monitor. The warranty service could be improved upon and the manufacturer's software included in new machines is not remarkable.

[amazon bestseller="acer gaming laptop" items="1" template="table"]

Acer logo


The Origin brand is rated at 7.5 out of 10. The buyer is in charge of configuring the laptop at the time of order. This includes critical specifications and exterior aesthetics. The software falls just below Acer with a marginal limited one year warranty, but when it comes to customization, it sits firmly in the top position.

[amazon bestseller="origin gaming laptop" items="1" template="table"]


Aorus / Gigabyte

Aorus gets a 7 out of 10. It's a top brand that offers a mixture of the Aorus and Gigabyte lines with sleek designs that are very attractive. The keyboards are snappy and responsive, and the displays are high quality. The manufacturers pre-load useful software on most units. Although the brands did not reach number one in any category, the brands are still well-respected.

[amazon bestseller="gigabyte gaming laptop" items="1" template="table"]

Aorus & Gigabyte


Lenovo's laptops rate a 6.7 out of 10, which is above average. Their products are respected, but they're not fully invested in dedicating their innovations towards gaming. Snappy keyboards and decent designs are what they're known for, but they don't offer many of the high-end gaming options that serious gamers are looking for.

[amazon bestseller="lenovo gaming laptop" items="1" template="table"]

Lenovo logo


Hewlett-Packard gets a 5.9 out of 10. Their Omen line is the most highly preferred for gaming. The company is known for dim displays and shallow keyboards, but they've recently made a commitment to improving their standard gaming options with promised design innovations for the future.

[amazon bestseller="hp gaming laptop" items="1" template="table"]

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5. What is a gaming computer used for?

These laptops are intended for playing games. Enhanced graphics, sound, memory, storage, cooling, and power make it possible to play intense games that could cause damage to regular laptops.

They are more versatile than regular units because, in addition to running high powered games, they can perform every function that their non-gaming counterpart does. There are no sacrifices on capacity or performance made when you choose a laptop over a standard version.

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consumer electronics store

6. How much is the Best 17-inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500?

The general price range for this laptop is between $800 and $5,000. Most often, you get what you pay for when it comes to power, speed, performance and extra features. If you spend just under $1,000, you can expect a system with a one terabyte drive and a graphics processing unit with between 2 and 4 GB of video RAM.

You can run the heavy load of a task at their medium settings but may have issues if you attempt to run them at higher configurations.

$1,000-$2,000 is ample to buy a Core i5 or the quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU. The 16 GB of RAM and 1080p resolution for the display along with a 7,200 rpm drive and an SDD included should run most games without any issues. In this price range, it should come with 6 GB of VRAM.

The only drawbacks to most available machines in this price range are the lack of features for adding special effects for the 4K experience. In the $2,000 to $3,000 price range expect to get an Intel Core i7 quad-core with a minimum of 16 GB of RAM or more.

You should have no problem finding monitor resolutions of 1920 x 1080 and better. The graphics configuration options for the cost will get a single 1080 or dual 1070M in SLI configuration. In this range, you can find a laptop that should play any game on their highest settings without lag. $3,000 and up When you invest $3k or more for a laptop, you can choose from a range of high powered options and customization.

Look for a gaming unit that screams with high-end features like a high-resolution display that is perfect for enjoying the 4K experience.

The choices open up with possibilities for any number up to four SSDs in RAID configuration, along with 64 GB of RAM from select brands. Regarding graphics, it's possible to have two 1080 GPUs with 8 GB cards x2 of video Ram and the ability to use VR headsets without issues. Game lag or slow frame rates should no longer be a concern as you can max out on high-end components and features.

Computer games at night

7. Are the best 17 Inch laptop laptops under $1500 is enough for gaming?

Some laptops are good for playing games, and others are not. It all depends on the requirements of the game and whether or not the computer meets the minimum specifications for running the game.

Some prefer to use a desktop with a full angle monitor to get the full visual effect, but if you have amazing graphics, a high-resolution display that is large enough, and a mouse that is good for gaming, you can have an enjoyable experience on the best 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500, mainly if it is the type that is designated for the activity.

Quantum Processor

8. What is a good processor speed for a 17 inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500?

The quad-core Intel i7 with a 3.5 GHz processing speed can perform as well or even exceed the 4.0 GHz 8 core AMD. This is a question that is hard to answer because the Intel runs with less power but outperforms the higher GHz processor. Either one is an excellent choice that will render satisfactory game performance, as long as the GPU is satisfactory.

Man installing memory. Laptop RAM upgrade

9. How much memory do you need for gaming? 

You should have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM for running most current gaming apps. You may have a few issues with some games such as game lag, slow frame movement and so forth, so the safer bet is to go with 8 GB which will run most apps with no trouble.

Self install RAM circuit in computer labtop

10. Is 16GB enough for a gaming computer? 

The answer to this question is yes. In many instances, you won't need this much, but there are occasions when 8 GB isn't enough, although they are rare. You shouldn't run into a gaming situation that would require more than 16 GB of RAM.

Excellent GPU

11. Get an Excellent GPU for the Best 17 Inch Gaming Laptops Under $1500

For a laptop, a GPU or Graphics Processing Unit, also called a graphics card, can make or break the user experience. It’s a keystone for this kind of gaming system.

The GPU is responsible for processing data as well as transmitting signals to your monitor. The quality of the images on your monitor or display depends on this aspect.

Games are extremely intense when it comes to displaying capacities, and if you want to experience quality graphics, you will need to have a dedicated GPU for your laptop.

Great CPU

12. Consider a Great CPU

Aside from the graphics card or the GPU, the CPU or the Central Processing Unit is another specification that affects the performance of a laptop.

An excellent CPU can go a long way in dramatically improving the efficiency of a gaming system.

Laptops that feature lower-end processors won’t give you the same performance when playing high-powered games compared to that of laptops with high-end CPUs. Low-end processors are only adequate or ideal for playing games such as solitaire, but avid or even occasional online gamers will need to consider a high-quality processor for a gaming system.

Depending on your budget for a gaming laptop, you can get the most expensive and most powerful processor available. Also, some laptops are running with desktop CPUs which are more potent than those installed in notebooks.

The most powerful CPU you can acquire is the Intel Core i9-8950HK which also allows overclocking. But the most popular CPU for laptops that still packs great power is the Intel Core i7.

However, since most games can take advantage of a high-end graphics card more than the most high-end CPU, you can still get the same dominant performance using an Intel Core i5 CPU, as long as your GPU packs punch.

You also have to remember that CPUs cannot usually be upgraded so it’s always better to buy as much CPU as you can afford.

Monitor Size

13. Considering Monitor Sizes of The Best 17 inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500

One of the most obvious choices you can make when buying a laptop is considering the size of the system. Whether you want a bigger or smaller laptop, each one has its respective benefits and drawbacks.

Smaller laptops are excellent for the portability they can offer. You can only use them by placing them on your lap as gaming systems of this size are comfortable and lightweight to carry around. However, a small gaming laptop will tend to lack some of the high-end specs or components that can be useful for your experience.

Bigger laptops for gamers, on the other hand, have more room to house all components necessary for excellent gaming. The drawback, however, is that they are bulky and heavy to carry wherever you go.

Choosing the monitor size of a laptop will depend mainly on your purpose or intended use. If you want something that you can easily carry around, a smaller sized monitor would be ideal.

On the other hand, if you only plan to use the laptop at home, a bigger laptop monitor would be the more advantageous choice.


14. Don’t Skimp on the Quality of the Trackpad

Gaming usually involves using a gaming mouse. But why do you still need a quality trackpad for a laptop? 

It is merely convenient for choosing a quality trackpad. Having a gaming mouse attached to your laptop at all hours could become a nuisance, especially if you tend to carry your laptop wherever you go. In this scenario, a quality trackpad can make your life so much easier.

This touch-sensitive interface will be your go-to function to interact with and send instructions to your laptop when you don’t have a mouse with you.

An average trackpad won’t be as sensitive. A trackpad that allows you to manipulate your system seamlessly can be very convenient.

Quality Keyboard

15. Get One with a Gaming Quality Keyboard

When it comes to a laptop, a keyboard can also enhance the quality of the gaming. A quality keyboard should offer a decent, if not excellent, sense of actuation force and should feel comfortable when used.

You would want a laptop that features a keyboard that can deliver fast feedback without requiring too much pressure or be being uncomfortable to your touch.

A keyboard that comes with anti-ghosting technology will also come in handy especially for gamers. Aside from the technical performance of a laptop keyboard, you can also consider one that offers customizable backlighting which can be a visual treat, especially during games.

Audio Quality

16. The Best 17 Inch Gaming Laptops Under $1500 Doesn't Settle for Sub-Par Audio Quality 

Aside from the graphics and resolution of a laptop, another system specification that can significantly affect the gaming experience is the quality of audio output.

No matter how visually appealing and intensive a game is, if audio output is of low-quality, you won’t thoroughly enjoy the game.

For a laptop, subpar audio quality won’t do you good. Most laptops with a quality audio system feature a decent sonic punch. You can also choose to have audio software that can help with your speakers, but that often comes as another expense.

So, it would be ideal to determine a laptop that features excellent audio quality without external upgrades.


17. Don’t Forget About the RAM Of The Best 17 inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500

Aside from the graphics card and the processor, RAM also plays a huge role in the performance of a laptop.

These three specifications come hand-in-hand in making sure that your system runs fast or functions up to speed when it comes to whatever software you are using. In most cases, 4GB of RAM will be enough for a laptop.

However, if you are looking to have maximum performance for your rig and if budget is not an issue, having a laptop that comes with 8GB of RAM is ideal.

Most laptops available these days are already equipped with 8GB of RAM, making it easier for you to choose what to buy. But, budget models featuring 4GB of RAM for those who don’t want to spend as much are also available.

The downside to buying less RAM now is that you are likely going to need an upgrade to your laptop’s RAM eventually.

You might want to check our reviews on the best ram for gaming lists! This article helped a lot of readers understand "RAM" properly and what's needed or not needed in a gaming performance computer!

Good Hard Drive

18. Get One with a Good Drive

A hard drive will be essential to serve as a backup for your information as well as to store the games you've downloaded.

An excellent drive also has a significant effect on the overall capacity of a laptop. The quality or the amount of hard drive built into the laptop determines how much data you can store on your system. 

It is where the idea of “the more, the better” applies. If your laptop has a massive drive, you won’t only have enough space to store the games you play, but you will also have enough space to store videos and music libraries.

With Great Sounds, An Article we have written about the best ultrabooks for music production where we have discussed what are the essentials in an ultrabook before buying them. 

Mostly, a gaming laptop will come with a built-in 1TB drive, and this is usually enough to have a robust gaming library. However, if you are looking to have a more extensive game library, it won’t hurt to look at 2TB drive options. 

If your budget allows, a gaming laptop that is equipped with a quality SSD or Solid State Drive will also help your system run more efficiently compared to a regular drive.


19. Consider Upgrading Later

Buying a laptop isn't cheap. Since they are hardcore systems more so than your typical mainstream laptops, they can require quite an investment. More often than not, a budget is the issue or the deciding factor when buying a laptop. 

You don’t always have to spend on the most expensive option you can find in the market. There are plenty to choose from the various price ranges.

If you are on a tight budget, you can consider buying a laptop that you can upgrade later. You don’t have to buy all the high-end specs at once.


20. Consider Getting a Warranty 

When you buy a laptop, you spend a considerable amount of money, and as such, you want something that is worth your investment.

It doesn’t hurt that you get a warranty for your system. While you can try finding a top-of-the-line laptop on the market, you never know when problems or issues might arise, even with a high-spec gaming system. 

Fortunately, most if not all companies already have specific policies in place regarding how, when, or in what cases you can return your laptop for repair if there are immediate issues with the system. But, it is still something you should make sure of when buying a laptop since most warranties have an allotted time frame.

The bottom line is, you have to check the available options when you buy a laptop. You can also check if the system comes with an extended warranty which can also be convenient.

Other Features To Look for The Best 17 inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500

When choosing a gaming laptop, you have to be more technical in your choices. That means you have to consider the essential aspects and specifications that affect a laptop’s performance as well as your experience and comfort when using the system.


There are various levels of portability when it comes to gaming systems or laptops. There are those with the same size as those of mainstream laptops, and there are others which are much more significant that affect their portability. If this feature is important to you, one thing you have to remember when choosing a laptop is that the more powerful it is, the less portable it will be.

For larger-sized laptops which can range from 17 to 18 inches, these can offer minimal portability. They are the ideal gaming systems left alone at home or on your desk. However, when it comes to power, these larger devices are also the most efficient. For regular-sized laptops 15 inches in size, these offer medium portability. While they are still a little heavy, they can be easily carried around or placed on your lap while being used. Laptops measuring 13 to 14 inches offer the best portability. They are the most lightweight and the easiest to carry around.

Display and Resolution

When it comes to laptops for gamers, having an excellent graphics card is useless if your laptop’s display is sub-par or worse. For a laptop, the minimum screen resolution should be 1920 x 1080. Anything that is less than that can only give you muddy graphics, and this is not something you want especially when you are playing display-intensive games. 

But currently, the most popular display feature when it comes to a gaming laptop is the QHD and the 4K displays. QHD offers as much as 2560 x 1440 resolution while 4K can provide as much as 3840 x 2160 resolution. These two panels are the industry’s ideal displays and can offer the best colour and details, further improving the gaming by a great deal.

Aside from the screen resolution, you can also choose your laptop’s display finish. It can either be glossy or matte depending on your preference.

Battery Life

The batteries don’t usually last very long especially when used to play games. Most batteries can only last a few hours after every charge, and it mostly depends on the tasks you are doing. 

For playing games that are display-intensive, batteries can drain even faster. You can have your gaming laptop battery last as long as possible by playing games that don't require too much brightness, or by adjusting your display to a darker setting to save on power consumption.

Generally, these devices are ideally used plugged-in to take advantage of the full GPU performance.

Touch Screens or Not?

There are now a lot of laptops that offer touch screen features which can be useful and convenient especially when playing games such as Cut the Rope or Candy Crush. However, they tend to be more expensive than non-touch monitor laptops. 

Touch Display gaming systems can also drain battery life faster than your typical gaming laptops. So, when you buy this kind of laptop, it’s worth considering how long you can use it after a fully charged battery.


When you are using a desktop for a gaming system, you’ll have an advantage of having various ports you can connect different devices too. It shouldn’t be a problem for a laptop.

For your gaming convenience, you might want to consider getting a laptop that has various USB ports. Also, a laptop that comes with HDMI connectivity, as well as an SD card slot can also be advantageous.

Laptop Brand

One of the first choices you make when purchasing a laptop is to choose what brand to go for. If you are more particular about your gaming rig, you can consider various brands for your laptop.

Each brand offers their own unique features on the laptop design. There might also be new gaming technologies that a brand can provide that others don’t. The bottom line is that while you can consider the laptop brand to go after when buying a gaming system, it is more important to make the laptop’s specifications and features the primary considerations.

When getting a laptop, it is essential that you choose well and that you find one that can last for at least a few years. This device doesn’t come cheap, and you would certainly want something worth your money.

Decide what laptop features are the most important to you based on your typical gaming attitude, besides other tasks you do, and use this as a basis in choosing the ideal option out of the available gaming laptops in the market.

Top Choice

Acer Helios 300 Review

Things to Consider for The Best 17-inch Gaming Laptop Under 1500

An IPS screen is the best option regarding display, too, as they can provide the best performance-to-display ratio.

Monitors don’t have to be 4k as they will slow down even the best 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500$ is using the 4k utilities.

Heat always comes in the package, so it’s handy also to get a cooling fan or play in an AC room.

Gaming laptops and heat comes hand in hand. Although some laptops have excellent cooling systems, they still generate a lot of heat.

Battery life can also be expected to be low when used in gaming. That’s a fact unless better batteries or more energy-efficient hardware is developed shortly.

You won’t find the best 17-inch gaming laptop under $1500 that can last more than a few hours in moderate gaming, and heavy gaming needs a wall socket.

The sound might also be the factor, but investing in good a headset or a headphone is also necessary unless you play in a soundproof room. Even if that’s the case, there is no beating a good set of speakers, so having a grand built-in speaker on your gaming laptop is not necessary.

Your 17 Inch Gaming Laptop and Your Expectations For a $1,500 Budget

Expect gaming laptops to be substantial. You can’t expect manufacturers to place heavy-duty components and make your laptop light as a feather. Most laptops also come with large screens for excellent display, and this adds up to the bulk.

Some laptops are lighter than most, but they are still more massive than 4 lbs and need adequate space on your bag for traveling.

The best 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500 at a high end of the spectrum. There might be components that you don’t need, like the most recent i7 chipset from Kaby Lake, but it makes the laptop future-proof.

Laptops that can be configured like a PC is better than those that can’t be since they can be future-proofed or if you are feeling like adding better components, like a better RAM or GPU, or even expand the memory, then you can.

If you want to configure your hardware though, there is still no beating a desktop PC. Having options is always better than having none.

Without further ado, here is the list of the top 10 of top gaming laptops that can give you the best experience.

A Full Review on Each 10 Top 17 Inch Gaming laptops for $1,500

If you are looking for the best 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500, you have enough choices from a mid-range laptop up to the lowest-performing high end.

It can get you a high performing gaming laptop, though some sacrifices have to be made in some areas.

These are the top 10 gaming laptops under 1500 that will give you your money’s worth.

Acer Helios 300 Review
Acer Helios 300 Front

#1 Acer Predator Helios 300 (Best 17-inch Gaming Laptop Under $1500)

The Predator line of Acer is usually priced very steep, but this comes in with all the great specs of a Predator but remains one the best gaming laptop in the world today.

 Some sacrifices had to be made, but they tuned it so that it won’t affect gaming.

It can be bought lower than $1000, and you can use your extra bucks to purchase accessories or even upgrades.

The Acer has a dimmer display. It’s also heavier at 6 lbs compared with other laptops with similar monitor size. This is not an unfortunate sacrifice for notebooks, as the IPS full HD technology display panel can give your graphics good quality comparable with other high-end products.


  • Best available processor
  • Better graphics card than competitors
  • SSD memory that boost gaming speed
  • Performs great
  • Easily upgradable
  • USB type-C


  • Heats up when gaming or using heavy applications
  • Storage space is very small
  • Only one USB 3.0 port
  • Battery life is very bad
  • Audio is not even passable
  • Dim display

If you want a brighter display, then connecting it to a monitor will also work.

This has Kaby Lake Intel Core i7-7700HQ as its processor, with a 16GB DDR4 RAM. Not only that, but this laptop also boosts a GTX 1060 as its dedicated graphics card. Unlike other laptops, which offers GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti, this GPU can handle more stress and reduces lag from little to none at higher settings.

This GPU can handle the most recent games and is better for VR gaming than the other two mentioned cards.

This also has 256 M.2 SSD, which is better for games because they can handle memory transfer easier. This means reduced load times and less lag, though at this size, it can be small. Most modern games can reach the 50s or more GB, so you might be able to store only a limited number of games there. Larger SSD drives can be installed, though these are very expensive.

Using HDD drives may be a cheaper alternative, but this will mean losing the fast load advantage offered by SSD.

This can handle basic use without heating up, but it will definitely run hot when gaming. Even the most expensive hardware will run hot when gaming, so this is to be expected. Some users might not like this, but it’s really can’t be helped, as all other laptops have this problem.

Produc​t Specifications:

  • check
    Intel Core i7-7700HQ
  • check
    1x 16GB DDR4
  • check
    1 TB HDD + 256GB SSD
  • check
    GTX 1050 Ti
  • check
    15.6 inch 16:9, 1920x1080 pixel 141 PPI
  • check
    6.06 lbs
  • check
    Battery life at 10 hours


This can be considered to be a great option in laptops. The price-to-performance ratio is outstanding, and the fact that it has a lot of space for upgrades means you can use your extra money for these upgrades or other accessories.

Its GPU is also better than even some other of the laptop lists that we have included in this article, though its little memory means you can’t have too many installed.

Nevertheless, it’s one that can give you one of the best experiences among its peers.

Acer Helios 300


According to the users of this laptop, they find that it is indeed one of the laptops for its price range. It’s not just one the best 17-inch gaming laptop but under 1000 USD, too.

Its specs are excellent, and it can run even top games very well. You can play older games using the battery, but newer games that are hardware-taxing will stutter to the point that it can’t be played.

This is not a very bad issue though.

Heating up is common in the comments. The laptop does not have the best cooling system, and at high temperatures, it will cause the hardware to run the games slower (as a protective measure). It’s at a tolerable degree though, so it’s not a minus.

The primary problem is updating the firmware and drivers for the GPU. They need to be done manually to remove stutters and improve stability. Updating the drivers from Nvidia will cause the GPU to not be recognized, and the update from Acer seems to have come late.

This might be a problem unless you had the seller upgrade it themselves during purchase as they will need to supply the missing parts.

This laptop is good hardware-wise, but the software, especially the upgrades, need some work. This is not a problem for people well-versed in tinkering with their computers, but for an average layman, this might mean they will have to suffer stutters and unstable programs until it’s fixed by knowledgeable people (might be another extra expense).

Dell Inspiron 7577
Dell Inspiron 7577 Review

#2 Dell Inspiron 7577

The next in the list of laptops under 1500 is the Dell 7577. This laptop runs using Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad Core with 6MB of cache and up to .8 GHz. This laptop runs a GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5 as its dedicated graphics card. It’s not as good as Acer Predator’s 1050, but this will still run games at the high graphics level.

This laptop has two kinds of hard disk. You can probably store in the other drive while running the high-specs in the SSD.

It costs even less than Acer Predator, but the hardware is not as high. You won’t be able to get an upgrade to similar specs without spending more than their price difference.

Its display sports an anti-glare technology. This means that you can use it for extended periods of time without your eyes getting too tired. It’s the same as playing with shades on or maybe a protective tint monitors, but you can enjoy the graphics better since there won’t be tint in the way (and who plays with shades on?).


  • Best available processor
  • Good graphics card
  • Good display
  • Antiglare display
  • SSD that boosts gaming speed plus HDD drive for larger storage
  • Good performance
  • Easily upgradable
  •  3 USB 3.0 ports


  • Some parts can’t deal with heavy-handed users.
  • Can slow down.
  • Display is not as great.
  • Battery life is so-so.
  • Bad audio.
  • Bloatware


Most people loved this 1500$ Laptops since they can upgrade the parts with ease. That beats the money that you save from buying it though, as purchasing other laptops with the parts you like is cheaper.

Some customers say that it is great for gaming as it can handle even high-end games with ease, though others complain that there are lags also using the most basic of applications.

According to those that gave a good review, to avoid issues with the laptop, you must adequately install the updates by connecting it directly to the Ethernet, and not to the Wi-Fi. This must be followed by updating the drivers from the manufacturer’s site and then installing GeForce Experience. That might be the case as a lot of people found this review helpful.

The display doesn’t seem to be too hot as people seem to like replacing the LCD monitor more often than not. Getting the upgraded memory seems to work better on most people, too, though 4GB RAM is already good for others.

The most recent comment from an owner of six months indicated that it’s not as durable as it looks, as some parts like the monitor are dislocated and need to be repaired for more than $200. Some also complained that the AC port dislocated after a month or so. Thus, there might be some defects in the product design.

This still gets a lot of attention, as most people liked it for its specs. If you handle it carefully, it should also last a long time (as damages caused by design failure should be covered by the warranty, and the commenters with broken laptops seem to be asked to pay).

Produc​t Specifications:

  • check
    Intel Core i7-7700HQ 3.8 GHz
  • check
    8GB DDR4 RAM expandable
  • check
    Windows 10 Home
  • check
    GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5
  • check
    15.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels (IPS)
  • check
    128GB SSD+ 1 TB HDD
  • check
    5.7 lbs

ASUS ROG Strix GL503
ASUS ROG Strix GL503 front


The ASUS ROG series is known for its great specs that can cater to most AAA games, and the GL503 bears the features worthy of the ROG name.

This best 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500 has the full HD display that can give you the top viewing angles and is powered by Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, the seventh generation known for its power. It features a 1GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM that can cater to any game that might even come out soon, as well as 128GB SSD and 1TB.

The SSD in this laptop might be too small, but nothing can stop you from upgrading it or even changing the 1 TB for an SSD.

This laptop features the 6GB GDDR5 GTX 1060. This VR-ready GPU is the next one offered by Nvidia and is better than 1050 by leaps and bounds.

This laptop does have a problem with heating up, as well as a little backlight bleeding. Other ROG laptops are known for their excellent cooling systems, so this is a shame, though playing at a lower performance setting can deal with this.

GL503 won’t disappoint you with its performance, and the aluminum frame and hard plastic bottom also sport a nice, classy look.


  • Excellent CPU from the I7 series.
  • GPU is the second most powerful offered by Nvidia, better than most others in its price range.
  • VR-ready.
  • Contains both SSD and HDD.
  • Nvidia G-SYNC is a good feature.


  • Problem with heat buildup.
  • Backlight bleeding.
  • Battery life is not so great.


The reviews on GL503 are more on the pro side, especially complimenting the beautiful, sleek body of the model even though it’s the best 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500. It is also lighter, which is a great thing for people who like to carry it around.

The heating problem is an issue, which is not a problem on other ROG laptops, thanks to their excellent cooling system.

Backlight bleeding seems to be not noticeable to most people, though those who got sharp, sensitive eyes look to see it.

A user also commented that the Acer Helios 300 might be a better buy, as the STRIX GL503 is not light as others claim. Also, the keyboard does not look great, is spaced too far from each other, and does not feel good in the fingers. That said, the reviewer is used to a mechanical keyboard, which is also a class of their own.

The hardware has no problem, but the rpm hard disk gets a lot of bad reviews as other laptops in this price range use 7200 rpm. It’s not as good as an SSD, but it is faster.

The rest of the bad reviews are all about packaging or delivery mishaps, not about the product itself.

STRIX GL503 still has a great 4/5 star user review, though it might be higher if bad reviews due to delivery and missing parts are removed.


GL503 does not shame the ROG name, even for a 1500$ laptops. It can cater to most of your gaming needs.

There is a problem with backlight bleeding and heat buildup. There is nothing that can be done with backlight bleeding (though it does not seem to be severe), but heating up can be handled by setting the performance or using accessories like a cooling pad.

Battery life is not as great when gaming, but few people play in battery mode. If you are looking for a laptop, GL503 might be what you are looking for.

Produc​t Specifications:

  • check
    Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz
  • check
    16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM
  • check
    GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5
  • check
    15.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • check
    1000GB 5400 rpm HDD / 128GB SSD
  • check
    5.25 hours battery life
  • check
    Windows 10 Home
  • check
    4.9 lbs

ASUS FX502VM-AS73 Front

#4 ASUS FX502VM-AS73

This is not as well-known as its brothers in the ROG series, but the FX series is known to be more affordable. They boost great specs as well, though not as good as the ROG.

It is powered by Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, a RAM with 16GB DDR4, plus 128GB SSD, and 1TB.

Sounds similar? It also sports a Nvidia GTX 1060, VR-ready, and capable of playing the latest.

There is a difference in the battery life in the laptop though, with only 4 hours for FX502VM-AS73.

This might not look good if you are using it for other things other than gaming, say, like assignments or perhaps during class.

 There is also an odd layout for the arrow keys.


  • CPU packs a lot of power.
  • Nvidia GPU.
  • Price range is more affordable.
  • HD display is very nice.
  • Lots of memory, plus the SSD is great for games.


  • Battery life is very low.
  • SSD does not have much memory.
  • The 5400 rpmis too slow.
  • Odd arrow key layout.


This can offer almost the same game performance as its other ROG sibling in this list, but the battery life could be an issue, especially for those who do not only use their laptop for games.


According to user reviews, the FX502VM has a horrible display for a gaming laptop. It can also get laggy, and the battery life is the worst.

Other users say that it’s not so bad. For its price, this is acceptable.

There is something that can be improved on some other parts of this laptop though, like the webcam, the mousepad, and the arrow keys.

The speakers can also use be improved, though they can be considered OK.

The chassis is smaller than other laptops, yet it still sports compelling hardware.

If you want a better display, you can always change the monitor.

Temperature rises up when gaming, but it’s not really an issue as most gaming laptop will do that when playing. There is no heat buildup with the casual use, though it can get warm.

Over all, the base is good, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Produc​t Specifications:

  • check
    Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz
  • check
    16GB DDR4 RAM
  • check
    GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5
  • check
    15.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • check
    1000GB 5400 rpm HDD / 128GB SSD
  • check
    4 hours battery life
  • check
    Windows 10 Home
  • check
    4.9 lbs

Acer VX15
acer front

#5 Acer VX15

The Acer Aspire VX 15 or Acer VX15 is more than just your average 1500$ laptop.

This is a laptop from Acer boosts the seventh generation i7 7700HQ processor for maximum power, with four physical cores and 8 logical cores.

It can handle almost anything that is currently out today, and even multitasking won’t be an issue.

The 6MB L3 cache in this laptop makes it capable of opening programs with barely any lag time if you have recently opened it. It could be browser tabs, documents, or even applications. That means a better and smoother desktop experience.

The GPU of this laptop is NVIDIA GTX 1050ti. While it’s not as good as 1060 and way below 1070, it’s still capable of running most titles at their high capacity. The ultra settings might be pushing it too far though.

You can easily use the ultra settings on older games though.

Its display is IPS, which is relatively better than most other display in the list.

It might not be 4k, but 4k gaming will heat up your hardware, even at the most expensive laptops, and that will make its performance go down a bit. 4k capabilities is not the way to go. Until the hardware evolves, they can handle it with ease.

This laptop also sports a 256GB SSD as well as 16GB DDR4 RAM. While it’s not the largest, its memory is the best for gaming, as it will make the game smoother. There is also a slot for an HDD drive if you need memory. As the most recent games can reach 50GB, you definitely will need more.


  • Good price-to-performance ratio
  • The 16GB RAM and SSD makes loading very fast.
  • The processor can handle even the most tedious multi-taskers.
  • Great display.


  • Mass storage upgrade must be contacted to Acer support.
  • Battery life is bad.


Acer outdid themselves with Acer VX15. It’s not just a laptop; it’s a little below $1000. You can enjoy most of the high spec features found in more expensive laptops at a more affordable price.

It might look too good to be true, but it is.

The small memory could do an upgrade though, and the slot for the HDD drive needs to be called to Acer tech support, but that’s not too much of a problem.

With its low price, you can spend more on upgrades, too, or extra accessories. It’s a little heavy though, at 5.5 lbs, that’s to be expected on the list.


Customers find that the Acer VX15 packs enough power to cater to most of your gaming needs. The fans which are silent on regular use are also a plus.

However, some are not so satisfied with this laptop with its display. Some can see a yellowish tinge in it, though others don’t seem to notice it.

Other than that, everything in this laptop seems to be great, even though the GPU can do an upgrade so that it can be VR-ready and play AAA titles at ultra settings.

Produc​t Specifications:

  • check
    7th Generation i5-7300HQ processor
  • check
    15.6" IPS Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • check
    GTX 1050 with 4 GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • check
    16GB DDR4
  • check
    256GB SSD
  • check
    Up to 6 hours battery life

Lenovo Y520
Lenovo Y520 Front

#6 Lenovo Y520

The Lenovo Y520 is not the best 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500. It is at a good price, a little lower than Acer VX15,.

Its CPU is i5, but people are willing to sacrifice an i7 chipset for a good GPU, as this laptop definitely provides.


  • Good price
  • SSD
  • Good GPU


  • CPU is not as powerful laptops
  • It’s passable, but the latest AAA titles must be played at lower settings.
  • SSD is small.
  •  Battery life is not so great


Lenovo Y520 offers great specs for your money’s value. It’s not a great laptop, but they focus on having a better GPU and memory rather than the more powerful i7 chipset.

 It makes the computer less expensive, and people would rather spend on RAM and GPU rather than the CPU since i5 can handle most titles without any real problem anyway.

Nevertheless, there are other gaming laptops which are better than the Lenovo Y520. For just a few dollars more, you can get an Acer with the i7 core, better GPU, and the same size for SSD.

Still, if you liked Lenovo, then this one will not disappoint.


Customers find that the Lenovo Y520 has excellent looks, and the features are also passable for a powerful laptop. Not so much for being a great laptop. Although using higher settings can be pushing it too much, it can play most of the recent games at a steady fps at standard settings.

It’s also good for older games, but it’s not future-proof.

Next year’s games might ask for more RAM and better GPU, and this laptop is not ready for it.

That’s just in perspective though, and nobody knows for sure.

Some customers find that it has defects in booting up and might fail to do so at times. There are also some that found out that the laptop shuts down and will not boot up again, even with replacement.

Most customers are satisfied with their products though and recommend Lenovo Y520 if you want the most powerful laptop and are not keen on playing in the highest resolution.

Produc​t Specifications:

  • check
    i5-7300HQ Quad Core (2.6-3.6GHz Turbo Boost, 6MB L3 cache)
  • check
    15.6" IPS full HD LED backlight non-touch (1920×1080)
  • check
    Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
  • check
    256GB PCIe SSD
  • check
    8GB RAM

HP Omen 17
HP Omen 17 Front

#7 HP Omen

HP Omen is very light compared with its competitors for laptops, yet it boosts high battery life and has heavyweight specs to boot!

HP Omen has the 7th generation i7-7700HQ processor with four physical cores and logical cores so that multitasking won’t be a problem. The Intel technology can render efficient performance.

 This being the favorite laptop brand that has a 2.8Ghz capacity up to the higher end. The RAM in this gaming laptop has 8GB, and that is enough to run most games without problems.

This laptop has 1 TB 7200 rpm. It’s not as good as SSD, but it’s good enough.

This 1500$ laptop has a GPU of GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5, with a full keyboard including the ten numeric keys.

This laptop weights at 4.85 lbs and has sleek features.

The best part of this laptop is that its battery can last an average of 10 hours within normal usage, though gaming will eat at it in just 3–4 hours (like most other laptops).

Since this Laptop under 1500$ has been released this year. This laptop does not have a lot of reviews yet. People who bought it do comment that it is a beautiful laptop, though more is however to be heard from gamers.

It does not run too hot, and it’s smooth. The HDD drive is a problem though, and it’s recommended that you upgrade it to SDD for a smoother experience.


  • Good value-to-performance ratio
  • Runs cool
  • Lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Feels solid


  • HDD drive ruins experience
  • Upgrading is not as easy as with other laptops
  • Keys attract dirt easy
  • Large power supply
  • Dim Monitor


HP Omen is a great laptop for its price, but there are better alternatives and one that can be upgraded much more efficiently for the same price.

For people who like to play games and move around a lot and are not keen on opening up their laptop and put better parts, then this is a good buy.

This laptop does not look like a cool, laptop but a classy, sleek notebook that can handle the toughest games.


Those that made reviews on this laptop seem to be very satisfied as it still has 5/5 stars. It does need more reviews though, as there are currently only two.

Users commented most about the looks of this laptop as well as its performance. They seem to be fans of HP in general.

There is no doubt that this laptop is a head-turner. For sure, people who like to play using a classy notebook won’t get disappointed with this product.

It might not look like a race car, but it doesn’t have to be, even though it’s a gaming laptop. Most of its competitors like to market laptops like that because most gamers love it that way.

The performance of this laptop under 1500$ seems to be great for even the most recent AAA title.

However, this laptop is not as future-proofed. This laptop might be able to play but only at lower settings. It’s not even as VR-ready as others with Geforce 1060 GPU.

Nevertheless, it seems like a great buy for what it’s worth.

Produc​t Specifications:

  • check
    7th generation i7-7700HQ mobile processor
  • check
    8GB system memory and 1TB 7200 rpm
  • check
    1920 x 1080 full HD display with native 1080p support
  • check
    15.6" LED backlight display
  • check
    GTX 1050 graphics with 4GB GDDR5 dedicated video memory
  • check
    4.85 lbs
  • check
    Batteries can last up to 10 hours

ASUS ROG Strix GL553VE Front

#8 Asus GL553

Asus GL553 is another laptop from the ROG series. This laptop under has an excellent full HD display with 178-degree viewing angles, though it’s not 4k.

Asus GL553 has 1 TB of 7200 rpm HDD, though it’s not as good as SDD drives$.

GTX 1050 with 4GB RAM is its dedicated GPU. Although not in the highest settings, it can handle most AAA titles.

The keyboard has lights, too, with 4 zone settings for a better gaming experience.

However, the battery is not the best, like most other gaming laptops. It can last up to 5 hours with regular use, but it might be shorter when gaming.

Asus GL553 has Type C- USB meaning that data transfer is faster. Moreover, it allows you to connect it to a thunderbolt display.

The sound system could definitely do some work, and the fans can get really loud.

 It is a decent laptop, but for the same price, you can find others with a better GPU and  drive.


  • Powerful i7-7700HQ
  • USB Type-C port
  • Beautiful FHD display
  • GeForce GTX 1050 is decent
  • RGB backlit keyboard


  • No SSD
  • Price
  • Poor battery life
  • Loud fans
  • Mediocre speakers


Users are very impressed with how this laptop is built. It’s tough and can handle most without issues. The HDD drive is 7200 rpm, so it’s the next best thing to an SSD, though SSD is still way, way better (and also way more expensive).

The laptop is getting a lot of great reviews from people who also use their laptops for other things, especially students.

People who bought it for their children are happy with the purchase, and students who bought it are happy, too.

Even people who need a laptop for office work is also happy, especially since they can also play in their free time.

Overall, the laptop got good specs and great style. But if you want a better gaming experience, other ROG laptops might be better if you have USD 1500 for a budget.

The worst review on this laptop is not really about the product, but the customer service. It seems some people don’t want to send the laptop to a third party for repair and want to do it themselves (which will void the warranty, though other companies are more open about it).

Others commented about the tons of update and bloatware that need to be addressed before the laptop can be efficiently used. The location of the power button in the keyboard is also pretty bad for some people, especially those that play online.

Accidentally hitting it can get you in a lot of trouble.

 Nevertheless, the laptop looks and works great and is a great value for the cost. Still, there are better laptops with better hardware at a lower price, but the ROG series can surely compete.


The ROG series is known for its laptops, and Asus GL553 is a good one. It does disappoint that it does not have an SDD, but you can upgrade it yourself. The GPU can also be better.

Heating is not much of a problem, but the fans can get a little too loud for convenience.

All in all, if you like a gaming laptop that’s just a little over 1000$ and can deliver a great experience, then this one is for you. But if you have 1500 dollars, there are better options.

Produc​t Specifications:

  • check
    i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz (view benchmarks)
  • check
    16GB DDR4 RAM
  • check
    GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5 (view frame rates)
  • check
    15.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • check
    1000GB 7200 rpm HDD
  • check
    5 hours battery life
  • check
    5.5 lbs

MSI GE62 Apache

#9 MSI GE62

What else can be said about MSI GE62 other than it’s a complete beast? This laptop is a flagship of MSI, and it’s one of the very few to have a full-fledged Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU that you will also find in desktops!

It also has killer looks, with lights all over its body. Some even compare it with a Christmas tree. It has 16GB RAM and the 7th generation i7 chipset and can reach up to .5GHz with Turbo Boost.

It does not have an SSD drive, but its 7200 rpm HDD drives are not at all that bad. Its body is made of aircraft grade aluminum and ABS, so it’s generally robust.

Using it feels like driving your mini aircraft, thanks to the style. The SteelSeries keyboard is another plus for this monster. It has macro keys and programmable buttons, and its RGB lighting can also be customized. They also have that tactile feeling, without losing in response time.

The audio is also not half bad. MSI and Nahimic worked hand in hand to make the best audio for this laptop, the same that works with audio in fighter aircrafts. You don’t have to worry about external audio and interference since the sound of the 3D surround sound system is well-made.

The display is also made to please, and if you are not satisfied, you can even tweak it at your convenience. It’s VR-ready, too!


  • Capable CPU
  • Great-performing GPU
  • Nice aesthetics
  • Great keys


  • HDD drive can’t beat SDD
  • Can heat up
  • Driver issues


MSI’s flagship is remarkable, but it’s not without flaws. For a laptop a little above the 1000 USD category, it may be one of the better choices, but there are cheaper laptops with better hardware.

 It does look right from the get-go though.

If you like style with your gaming, then it’s a great selection and also affordable. If you are looking for performance, then there are cheaper laptops to choose from like Acer.


The aesthetics are a plus for this laptop. It can also run the latest AAA titles with ease at high settings. However, there is a problem with heat as it can be unbearably hot, but there is a button for boosting the fan for a faster cool--down. It can be noisy, but it’s not so bad.

This is not so good for a lot of users. They want smoother gameplay and do not want to be distracted by the fan’s sounds, which is getting in the way of its excellent sound system. At high temperatures, performance also drops, and you wouldn’t want that to happen in the middle of intense gaming.

For people who have been using this laptop for more than six months, they are very pleased that it still runs as good as new. This testifies that it does look not only good but also hardy, and its programming is efficient. Some laptops tend to lag down after a few updates, but MSI GE62 doesn’t seem to have that much of a problem.

Even the worse review only mentioned the sound, and they are very pleased that MSI does not provide bloatware, except for the antivirus. Most Windows 10 laptops come with tons of bloatware.

This makes the machine’s performance lag a bit, and it is the reason why most laptops, even at great specs, lag after a few updates.

Users are also commenting that they can play most titles on ultra settings, which is really something. It does require you to uninstall the only bloatware in the laptop, which is Norton Antivirus.

The keyboards are also getting a lot of praise.

There are some people who complained that the laptop can break after just a few months, but there was only one out of 155 people. So it might not be a fault in the design. This happened on the fan, though the laptop is still in working condition.

MSI doesn’t seem to have a lot of authorized repair centers, too. Repairs under warranty need shipping to a far state, and you have to pay for the shipping fee yourself.

 Nevertheless, if you want a great-looking laptop with a great performance, MSI GE62 is a good choice.

Produc​t Specifications:

  • check
    i7-6700HQ Quad Core processor
  • check
    16GB (8GB*2) DDR4 2133MHz
  • check
    1TB (7200 rpm)
  • check
    GTX960M 2G GDDR5
  • check
    15.6" full HD eDP wide view angle 1920x1080
  • check
    SteelSeries full-color backlight with anti-ghost key + silver lining​​​
  • check
    5.29 lbs

Dell Inspiron 7567 Review
Dell Inspiron 7567 Front

#10 Dell Inspiron 7567

This is equipped with i7, and 1050 Ti is a great-performing laptop, especially for its price.

It does not look as flashy as other laptops, but it sure does pack quite a punch. It also feels nice when holding it, though it does attract fingerprints more.

It’s pretty heavy at a little more than 6 lbs, but that should be normal for a laptop under 1500. It is quite large too, so checking your traveling bag for enough space might be necessary before buying it.

It lacks a USB Port, and that can be a minus. It also doesn’t have many USB 3 ports. The ports for Ethernet and HDMI are far on the back and do not get in the way.

The maintenance port added in this laptop made maintenance as easy as removing a screw, so that is on the plus side.

The display is also lacking, using a full HD panel. There are other variants, but they are more expensive (more than 1500 dollars). Why is the display bad? It’s because its predecessor is better, which makes this model a downgrade in terms of display.

The performance is undeniably good. The i7 and the 1050 Ti are capable of handling most of the AAA titles at standard settings. Higher settings might come at the price of performance. Older games won’t have problems, but future games might ask for more, especially at higher settings.

It has a 1 TB HDD drive for a lot of storage and 256GB for your favorite games.

The SDD might be a little too small as most games can reach up to 50GB, so you have to choose which ones you will store and which ones you will set aside for later.


  • Good design, especially for maintenance
  • Great processor
  • Great gaming performance
  • Battery life is outstanding


  • Color bleeding
  • Display is downgrade from predecessor
  • Poor SD card reader


If you like a laptop that has a high battery performance, then this one is for you. It has one of the best battery performance in a 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500. 

It can last up to 10 hours if you are doing regular browsing, while gaming will eat at it as fast as any other laptops.

This is great for people who also need to use their laptop for work or school assignments and can’t always get a wall socket for their use.

This laptop can match other more expensive competitors. But if you are looking for value and performance ratio, there are better laptops out there.


Inspiron 7567 has a very mediocre customer review at 2.3 stars. It’s because of the downgraded display. Still, its performance is indeed good, and people can easily replace the screen on their own.

The other reason why its rating is so low is that the seller that posted it online is asking for 200 dollars more than any other source.

Another review source showed a 3.9 out of 4 reviews, but the display is still earning a lot of flak.

It seems the display is earning a lot of ire from users, who felt cheated shelling out more than 1000 dollars when they can get a better display for 800$ or less.

Its design also earns a lot of praise as well as its capability to play heavily modded games like Skyrim.

There are more to be known about this laptop. However, there are just a few reviews as of the moment.

If you want to check out its features, you might want to look at it in your favorite store that sells it.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the best gaming laptops.

Produc​t Specifications:

  • check
  • check
    1x 16GB DDR4
  • check
    1 TB HDD + 256GB SSD
  • check
    GTX 1050 Ti
  • check
    15.6 inch 16:9, 1920x1080 pixel 141 PPI
  • check
    6.06 lbs
  • check
    Battery life at 10 hours

Recommendation and Final Verdict

Out of all the top picks for best 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500, The Winner is still considerably Acer Predator Helios 300.

It offers the best value for your money. At $999, you can have the best 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500 that has the latest 7th generation Lake i7-7700HQ from Kaby Lake. The GTX 1060 is the fourth best GPU from Nvidia, and it can still handle future games that 1050 wouldn’t be able to.

The 16GB DDR4 RAM is also big enough that it can still cater to games in the next two years.

It is also VR-ready, and many people, especially gamers, would not want to miss the chance of playing games in VR if they can.

It also has an SSD and a slot for more memory. But you might have to contact customer support for the complimentary HDD, or you can add another SDD yourself. SDD is the best 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500, as it transfers data much faster than even 7200 rpm HDD drives.

For gamers who own a physical copy of the game, memory won’t really be an issue. But if you buy your games on steam or like to play multiple games without the need of reinstalling them, then upgrading the memory is needed.

Acer Predator can handle heat, and most users comment that it does not really get hot, but it can get warm. This is normal considering the power of its hardware.

Users can tweak the settings to minimize the heat at the cost of a little performance. This is not really a great issue as there are cooling pads that can be bought under $20.

The sound is not so great too, but if you live with other people or if your room does not have soundproofing, you might be playing with a headset of earphones in anyway. You can invest on that too as you can use it for other things, like listening to music on your favorite phone.

There is also a problem in updating the firmware and drivers as most users have to do it manually.

There seems to be an update from Acer that settled this issue since most recent reviews indicated that they can use the laptop after using automatic update. But it has to be plugged in to the Ethernet for it to work out.

That might be a deal-breaker for most people who are shelling out nearly $1000 dollars for a product that is expected to work smoothly the first time around.

Nevertheless, comparing it with the other products on this list, it is arguably one of the best 17-inch gaming laptop under 1500.

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